Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist bus ticket

Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist bus ticket

Every morning at 7 Am tourist bus leave to pokhara from Kathmandu. It is 200 km journey from Kathmandu to touristic  capital pokhara city. 7 hours save bus duration time to Pokhara from capital city Kathmandu. Due to one international  airport only in Kathmandu valley, there are 2 option to go Pokhara city : Land or from Air. Highway between Kathamndu and Pokhara there are rafting river called Trisuli and another river Marshyandhi. Trishuli river down from the Gosaikunda lake where is famous trekkers destination in the world.The Marshyandhi River coming out from Tilicho lake where is access  by the popular Annapurna circuit trekking. Also famous Manakamana temple after 105 km driver from Kathmandu Nepal.

After bus leaving at 7 AM , tourist bus will stop at 9 AM for the Breakfast. so, it is better to take a cookies , water. some tourist Bus has facility to distribute water,Magazine. At 12 noon stop for the launch before 55 km from Pokhara. Then, one and half hours comfortable journey to Pokhara city Nepal.

How to buy online tourist ticket to Pokhara

You can inquire by phone, viber,whatsapp for contact us for booking the tourist bus ticket to Pokhara. we will deliver ticket to your Hotel in Kathamndu Nepal.

Bus  Journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara has become more luxurious and healthier with introduction of an attached restroom on the daily buses rolling the popular tourism hub from the Capital.The service introduced Tours and Travels is being provided on two buses.
“A number of travellers have increased on our buses after we began to provide attached loo service,” said the bus driver Pahalman Pokhara

Travelling on such a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara would cost Rs 1000

Reporting time: 6:45

Tourist bus leaving time:7 Am

Bus riding duration:7 hours

Tourist bus category: Standard tourist bus, Air condition tourist bus with wifi, Deluxe  tourist bus,Super deluxe tourist bus,tourist bus with attached toilet

After 2 hours bus driving there are stop for the Breakfast so, better to eat and bring some things  before riding a bus. Malekhu,Benighat etc. are breakfast for the tourist bus. Damauliee  generally are the Launch place of the tourist bus.some tourist bus has magazine facility ,every tourist bus has facility ,bottle of water.

Cost of the tourist bus:

cost of the tourist bus ranges from Rs. 700 NPR to 2700 NPR. Deluxe and super deluxe tourist bus to standard tourist bus facility to Pokhara. Every day morning more than 30 tourist bus leaving to Pokhara from Kathmandu.

How can i book kathamndu to Pokhara tourist bus?

You can book online or by phone kathamndu to Pokhara tourist bus ticket.

Kathmandu to Pokhara deluxe Bus service by the Pokhara Kathmandu Deluxe bus agency. Online deluxe Bus service to Pokhara. we have deluxe bus ticket delivery facility from our agency Kathmandu Nepal. According to the facility there are different prices of the Kathmandu to Pokhara deluxe Bus.Deluxe bus with wifi, Ac deluxe bus, Super deluxe Bus or Super Ac Deluxe Bus service. Night Bus , day bus price are different.  For details contact our phone numbers.

Morning 7 Am day Bus departure to Pokhara because you will get pokhara at 2 pm from Kathmandu. 7 Am is even the one time tourist bus departure from Kathmandu, many types of the tourist bus departure like a escorting. Vip tourist bus, Super deluxe Ac bus with toilet, ac deluxe bus and deluxe tourist bus to normal tourist Bus departure from tourist bus station Kathmandu Nepal. Same time public tourist standard bus and micro bus departure to Pokhara. From this pokhara Kathmandu bus service has a big volume of the bus including public and tourist bus. Tourist bus time is only 7 am while public bus time from 6:30 to 9 pm in the night. Tourist standard  public bus  micro bus running to Pokhara city. 9 Am , 8 Am is the Super deluxe Ac bus departure time if you donot  morning 7 Am tourist bus. Again 11 Am is the deluxe Bus  departure time to Pokhara. You can get mini Bus and Micro Bus hour by hours. In this way pokhara Kathmandu many volume of the Bus running from early morning to late night. Kathmandu Pokhara passenger has a grand option to choose a bus their time to pokhara not bus time they obliged to go Pokhara. Rs. 700 to max. 2500 NPR is the bus ticket range from Kathmandu to Pokhara according to the bus quality and service.

Kathmandu to pokhara super deluxe bus has many category and types. 7 Am Ac super deluxe and Vip super deluxe bus departure time. Has wifi, Ac, inside toilet in the Ac Super deluxe Bus. Vip super deluxe bus has more comfortable seat but no inside toilet. Tourist number plate bus deparature from tourist bus station and other Super  deluxe bus with Ac and inside toilet departure 9 Am. After this in night 1 Super deluxe bus departure to Pokhara from Kathmandu. Super deluxe bus reservation with the green city Travel and tours. Book Kathmandu to Pokhara super deluxe bus with the Super deluxe bus agency Kathmandu. 8 pm is the night super deluxe  bus departure time from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

From morning 6 Am to night 9 Pm is the Bus departure time from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Micro Bus and many types of the Bus running every day and every half an hours. However Bus qualities is different in the Different bus departure time to Pokhara. 6:30 Am deluxe mini Bus departure to Pokhara from Kathmandu. 7 Am is the many qualities of the Bus selection time  to Pokhara. Tourist Bus different qualities and types. Normal tourist bus, Ac tourist bus, Super deluxe tourist bus, Vip tourist number plate bus departure to Pokhara from Kathmandu pokhara bus station. Public bus has also equivalent qualities as a tourist bus and it has many option time than the tourist bus. Tourist bus has only one time departure to Pokhara while public bus has a tourist qualities and has a wifi, inside toilet, rest room and mini Bar. Morning  8 is the tourist qualities public bus departure to Pokhara  has inside toilet and mini bar. Also 8 Am there is a public tourist bus with Ac but no toilet inside. Kathmandu to Pokhara has more number and quantity bus running in Nepal. Pokhara Kathmandu is one of the more tourist and vehicle running city in Nepal. You can get mirco Bus pokhara every half an hours from morning to till 4 Pm. Night bus pokhara departure from 5 Pm to 9 Pm. 5 Pm deluxe bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara from which is access pokhara at midnight about 12  Am to 1 Am. This bus is best for the Nayapul and Beni to go Annapuna circuit trek. Pokhara is the number one beautiful city and capital of tourist of Nepajl. From suanoi, kakarvitta, Bhairwhawa and lumbini  and mahendrangar and other important city to pokhra there is the bus linking. Insteae o the bus there are hiace, hjeep, car rental facility according to your time. If yo have question how to go pokhara from different parts of Nepal. There are multi opportunity to go pokhaa by rental , by bus ticket and other things. If you get bus in night you will be in pokhara in morning then you can sightseeing, sharankot, phewa lke , Gupteshower cave, Bindhaybasinee temple, Mahendran cave. You cavsdve your time , money if you are travel night bus to pokhara from Kathmandu. How to buy Kathmandu to pkhara bus ticket , for this you can phone our Kathmandu to Pokhara  bus booking phone number .

Deluxe bus and Ac deluxe bus also super deluxe bus facility kathandu pokhara travel. Vip bus has no inside toilet but it is expensive than other qualities of the Bus. Vip bus cost Rs. 2500 NPR, Super deluxe Bus cost 1600 include Breakfast and launch. Deluxe bus cost Rs. 900 NPR. Ac deluxe bus has wifi, but just deluxe bus has no wifi.  7 Am to 11 Am is the Deluxe bus deparature time to pokhara from Kathmandu. 7, 8, 9  Am and night 9 pm is the Super deluxe bus departure from Kathmandu. If you have curiosity about the Bus departure time from Kathmandu to Pokhara , you can ask for the more information.



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